Why Does My Phone Keep Going Back To Home Screen

why does my phone keep going back to home screen

Many peoples want to know Why does my android return to home screen automatically. This issue occurs due to some reasons. So first we look at what could be the reasons behind this.

Why my phone keeps going back to home screen (Reasons)

As we were talking about this issue First thing you have to do is that you need to conform to the reason they make you in trouble. So let’s see what causes this issue could be.

If you have an android mobile then all the methods will work for you but if another then might work for your smartphone.

Reason 1:Applications Update

Well if you are going back issue could be happening due to the application update. Sometimes some apps close or take you to go back to the home screen. Because an application update is required on your mobile.

Reason 2:Android Version Update

The reason may be your android version update. Sometimes when your mobile needs to update to the android version and you ignore it then you might be you face this issue. Because every new version comes after fixing all bugs.

Reason 3: Due to the full of Storage

Storage is a basic reason behind your problem. If your smartphone storage is full. Then you will get to see these types of issues. if your mobile storage is full then you need to confirm whether your mobile storage is full or not.

Reason 4: Over-installed Apps

Over-installed applications maybe caused your beck home screen issue, sometimes we installed more apps on our phones which caused the mobile to restart or the application close or back to the home screen problem.

Reason 5: Phone hardware problem

The next reason is the hardware issue.it’s rare to happen with a new mobile. But if your mobile is quite old or you have been using it for a long time. Then you might have a hardware problem.

my phone keeps going back to home screen android (Solutions)

I will try to solve the reason which I have given you here one by one. Let talk about how you can solve these problems you just have to follows the way that I am going to tell you below.

So first you have to confirm which reason you are facing the going home screen issue.

Solution 1: Application update

If you’re going back to the home screen issue due to the Application update. So what do you have to do about that? you have to update all android applications to solve this issue.

Solution 2: Android Version Update

For this, you must first check whether your mobile version is updated. If you want to know how to check and update your mobile version.

  • Go to the settings of the phone.
  • Click on System>>Update
  • After that click on check for update and click on update

Solution 3: Full Of Storage

If Your phone with full of storage then this go-back issue maybe occur on your phone. To solve this issue you must reduce your smartphone storage. For this, you can delete unnecessary files and applications on your phone.

Solution 4: Unnecessary Installed Apps

If your phone is full of unnecessary applications then this issue you will get to see on your mobile. For that issue, you need to uninstall unusable apps from your mobile.

and the second way is, you can reset your phone. By doing that your issue will be solved for sure. For resetting your smartphone go to >> settings>>System>>Reset.

Solution 5: Due to the Phone hardware problem

Its chances happen only with those who have old phones. To solve hardware problems. then what do you have to do in this situation, you need to get your smartphone checked by a professional expert?.


It doesn’t matter what smartphone you have iPhone or android. You can implement one of the ways from above. Some of the ways will also work on iPhone smartphones.


I hope you have to understand. I have also told the reason behind this issue happening as well as how can solve it.

If you will have got an advantage from it then you can share it with your friend or relatives. You can ask me in the comment section regarding this topic, i will definitely reply to you.

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