WhatsApp May Soon Allow You To Edit Already Sent Text Messages

WhatsApp may soon allow you to edit already sent text messages

I am going to talk about WhatsApp’s new feature that a not launch yet. But maybe you will see it in soon. New edit feature for Already sent text messages in WhatsApp.you can change already sent text messages and resent them.

What is a famous application for messaging and calling app that develops for public convenience?.

Every application developer tries to understand user problems. Along with that understanding people’s needs and modifying them.

How to edit sent whatsapp message (New Edit Feature)

Now we are talking about How to edit sent Whatsapp messages after sending them. Whatapp will be launching soon Whatsapp new edit feature. By using this feature you can able to change or send already send WhatsApp messages.

  • You have to long-press on the sent message.
  • Then click on three dots you will see edit the text.
  • After doing some changes the message (Text) will be resent.

I hope you understood how to work edit the text button on WhatsApp.

Note: WhatsApp sent text edit feature tasted in a beta version of android.One more important thing this feature may be also made for ios, or Desktop too.

Conclusion: I hope you understand how Whatsapp new edit feature work and also understand how to use it.

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