What Is The Full Form Of BIOS? (Quick Explain)

What is the full form of BIOS? (Quick Explain)

What is the full form of BIOS? Bios stand for (basic input/output system) and is a program or firmware which makes sure or tests all hardware are working correctly without any trouble before starting the operating system.

After sure that this program boot file is loaded into memory to run the operating system.

Basically, when we turn on our pc or laptop we face the first thing is a bios program which is important for your operating system staring without bios you can’t start your operating system.

Bios do power on self-test before starting the os, during this test if any error occurs bios shows an error on the display screen.

If somehow a ram becomes disabled on the main board of your system then it shows an error, bios test all the hardware which is important to run os. along with that it also makes sure that all hardware is in working condition during the bios post-test?.

Expect if the ram is dislocated from your motherboard at this time bios will show you an error on your display screen.

Bios contain a small set of instruction or program which is stored in the ROM so it is also called ROM Bios. These instructions tell the computer how to access the Hard drive, find the operating system, and load OS into the ram.

So you can say that bios are nonvolatile which means when the system is turned off. All the instructions can’t be deleted or changed. This information is stored by the manufacturer so it is a small chip that is located on the circuit board or near CMOS. And CMOS helps to save or store bios instructions.

Functions Of Bios

Well now let’s talk about what is functions or responsibilities of bios. Bios have many responsibilities and it’s also important for your system.

Basic Input/Output Operating System Functions

  • when turning on the computer, bios read all CMOS settings so that the OS runs properly.
  • After that bios loaded device drivers of computer system and also make a bridge between an operating system and connected devices so that all hardware devices interact with software.
  • After that, it makes ready your system during the post-test and loads boot files into memory to run os.

Other Forms of Bios

Now I will tell you some other forms of BIOS which are usually used for calling bios. These names are mostly used.

BIOSBasic Input/Output System
BIOSRead Only Memory (Basic Input/Output System)
BIOSIts also called BIOS software/Firmware
BIOSOne other is System BIOS

Bios Tip: One tip I want to tell you is that you can update your system bios firmware from your system’s official site.


I hope you must have understood What is the full form of BIOS? and alonge to that, I also described here about bios working responsibilities.

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