What Is The Do Not Disturb Feature On Android

what is the do not disturb feature on android

what is the do not disturb feature on android? If you have an android or any other smartphone and you have a dnd feature on your phone. Then you have to know about this fantastic feature and you can definitely get an advantage from it.

what is the do not disturb feature on android

The dnd feature helps you in, the embedded, Calls and messages will be silenced, and also banner notifications won’t be shown. Along with that, a moon icon will appear on the status bar and the Alarm will still be ringing as usual.

do not disturb feature

This feature has been made for specific purposes, it completely depends on you. whether you want to turn it on or not, first let’s know a little about this feature.

why is my do not disturb turning on by itself (Reasons)

it happens because it’s behind some reasons, That’s why My dnd

turns itself on.

Reason (1):

The first reason why It happens is maybe (dnd) features have been a turn-on by your mistake.


Some people don’t understand why this problem occurs. They need to understand, It is caused by (dnd) Set Time), You can fix this issue by set (DND) time setting.

And one more important thing I want to tell you that is it might be caused by (dnd) Automatic rules. You can set DND on android rules or remove this from dnd settings.

Android phone turn off do not disturb (Keep turning on fix)

Now here come two things, One is to disable the DND feature manually and the other is to disable it if DND randomly turns on. I try to tell you both ways, I hope you must understand.

Now let’s talk about the first way (simply dnd feature turn off) For that you have to follow my steps.

  • Click on setting
  • Click on the top search bar and type (dnd).
  • Click on dnd logo, and you will see the whole dnd features, So here if you want to turn off it, click on the slide icon.

(Do not disturb turns on by itself): Android phone turn off dnd

First of all, you need to understand Why Does the DND feature continuously turn on? So let’s talk about what service (dnd) features provide to its user. These are some services.

Set Scheduled: By the use of it you can make a schedule into a do not disturb feature.

Allow Interruptions: This service helps you to select different Thing Such as (calls, messages, etc).

How to fix Keep turning on Do not disturb: Now I hope you understand this far. So You have to turn off the set schedules service by clicking on it. After that, you have to put completely turn off this feature by clicking on the slide icon.

I hope you will have understood why does do not disturb turn itself on. Above I told you some reasons. So that it is easy for you to understand what dnd means on android and also what is main issues behind it are.

How do i turn on do not disturb

Now let’s talk about How to turn on do not disturb. This feature helps put your call massage in silence dnd is a good feature also, you can get an advantage from this dnd feature, now let’s talk about some steps, you have to follow the instructions that I am going to tell you below.

  • First of all, click on settings.
  • After that, you must click on the search bar and type(Do not disturb).
  • After doing that click on dnd icon. Then to turn it, click on dnd button.

Will my alarm go off on do not disturb?

The answer is yes, When you put your phone on dnd option then your alarm still rings. Your calls or messages will be silenced, and banner notification won’t be shown, But on dnd alarm will still ring. does do not disturb silence alarms? yes but in silence.

what happens to texts when do not disturb is on

Nothing will happen with your text if you have turned it on dnd. but you would receive all messages in silence.

What is full form of dnd

It stands for do not disturb, it is a feature of the android smartphone which gives you the benefit to put your call messages in silence.

what happens when your phone is on do not disturb and someone calls you

When someone calls you and your phone is on do not disturb then your call still rings but in silence. I mean you will not get to see any vibration or any sound on screen. when your phone has in (dnd) on, then your call still rings but in silence.

Does do not disturb block messages

Well, this answer is No, because when you would the turn (do not disturb) feature on, your phone. Then the embedded, Calls and messages would silence, not blocked.

How to put a phone on do not disturb

You have to go on settings>Click on search bar>Type Do not disturb>click it and open it>click on dnd signs to turn on the do not disturb feature.

how to silence all notifications except calls android

You can do this by following these steps go to>setting>click on the search bar and type do not disturb>click on it >now you will get to see 2 to 3 options click on Call option>Select NO ONE.


I hope you will have understood what is the do not disturb feature on android I have tried to cover all queries about this topic. If this information proves beneficial for you.

Kindly share it with your friend or relatives and if you have any questions then let me tell them in the comment box. I will definitely reply to you.

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