What Is The Difference Between List And Tuple In Python

what is the difference between list and tuple in python

If you are in the initial stage to learn a program. then you should have to know some basic things and the difference between list and tuple in python is one of them.

And for beginners python programming language is an easy language to learn as well as you can also list and tuples over there easily, here we going to discuss some basic points of lists and tuples in python.

what is the difference between list and tuple in python

If you are learning python or any other programming language it does matter but the thing you should need to know is some basics and lists and tuples also included into that.

what is the difference between list and tuple in python

Now let me tell you first of all about what is a list in programming, A list is a collection of different elements such as a string, a float number, or an integer, and it is separated by Commas and closed into a square bracket (mandatory).

And you can also define that (list is mutable) their mutable means if you will try to change the list you can do that because the list is mutable. Now let’s understand with some examples of lists in python.

Example List: A=[‘Hello World’ ,44,17,98.2,2+4j]



After that, you will get to see the value will have become changed

What is a tuple in python programming? A tuple is a collection of different elements these elements are separated by commas and () is optional.

And the other definition ( Tuple is immutable) means if you want to change values from a tuple then you can’t do that because it is immutable.

Let us understand with an example

ExampleA=’Hello World’ ,44,17,98.2,2+4j



After printing your compiler through you an error (Object does not support item assignment)

Tuple and list difference

The list is mutable [] and is mandatoryTuple is immutable Brekets is optional
You can change object value in a listYou can’t change the object value Tuple
A list consumes more memory than a tuple for the same dataTuple consumes less memory
The way to write code in a concept way is known as comprehension Concept ( it is implemented on a list)It is not implemented on Tuple
The list supports packing but does not support unpackingTuple Support both packing and unpacking

Which is better tuple or list?

I think it depends on you whether you want to use a tuple or a list But I give you my opinion according to me, Tuple is more efficient in memory utilization than a list. Along with that Tuple is immutable.

It’s for some reason that I have suggested you a tuple because it is faster in execution than a list. And also Tuple object takes less memory for the same object but the list does not.

Which programming languages support list and tuple?

The answer is python Because it has tuples and lists maybe some other languages also have but python is a famous language and you can make a list and tuples in python programing language.

Is a square bracket mandatory in lists and tuples?

The answer is that a square bracket is only mandatory for the list but it’s not for the tuple. For tuples, brackets are optional.


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