What Is The Difference Between Echo And Print In PHP

What is the difference between echo and print in PHP

As humans need a language to communicate with other Humans, similar computers, also understand a programming language without that you can’t interact with machines.

You need to learn to program if you want to understand computers so let’s come to our topic if you are a programmer then you will be well aware of the echo and print functions in PHP and in different languages. Because echo and print not only exist in PHP programs.

What is the difference between echo and print in PHP

So let’s talk about echo and print functions in PHP one by one. So first let’s take a look at the echo function what is a use of it and how we can use echo in PHP programming. Echo helps us to print massage statements as well as variable statements.

What is the difference between echo and print in PHP

let’s try to understand the echo function with an example so I am going you tell you below.


echo “Hello world”;

And if you want to print multiple strings then you have to print like that

echo “Hello world”, ” My name”:

In a print statement, you can print variables and strings the same as in an echo statement. But one difference that defines print statement. If you going to print multiple variables or strings then you can’t do that in print, it allows you to only print the single string or variable not multiple.

Echo is the most useable and basic statement in PHPPrint is not a very useable statement
It is faster in executionIt is not faster in execution
You can print multiple variables or strings by using an echo statementYou cant be print multiple strings or variables by using the print function
echo has no return value which is always set to 1The print function in PHP returns a value

I hope you will have understood the major difference between echo and print statements in PHP also I want to clarify one more thing that is PHP full form stands for Hypertext Preprocessor.

It is a very popular programming language that was created in 1993. It is used for making web servers some example Wikipedia, WordPress, etc.


This was the main difference between the echo and print statements I hope you will have understood. I sure you definitely get benefit from this information and it will be helpful for you.

And if you have any questions regarding this topic then you can comment below I will definitely reply to you.

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