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what is spooling in computer and its working?

Before talking about spooling If you don’t know what is full form of spooling is, its stands for (simultaneous peripheral operations online).

what is spooling? whenever our device is busy already busy in executing some instructions there is a new job stored in secondary memory.

Suppose if there are there printing jobs the printer can only print one job at a time, and the operating system send the other two job in the buffer. it is known as spooling.

why the spooling concept has been made? Because when spooling have been not introduced at that time a big issue want managing multi-tasking execution was a big issue.

Suppose without spooling which kind of issue you can face. For example, if I give 10 printing keys input to my PC then your CPU cannot perform two or three tasks at a time.

This way your CPU will skip all tasks and start doing a single task. and with spooling you can perform multi-task at times one by one.

what does spooling mean when printing

what is the print spooler service it helps to manage your task a line-wise printer spooling helps you when you send lots of requests to a printer for your document file. Then these jobs execute one by one with the help of printer spooling.

This is exactly the same mechanism which I have already told you about above So the main perpose of spooling is that they manage and execute job requests which are send from the user execute one by one.


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