How To Fix Screen Flickering Android (Best Ways)

how to fix screen flickering android (Best ways)

Sometimes we face different problems while using smartphones. Now we are going to talk about how to fix screen flickering android. You can see screen flickering on all types of smartphones. It can not see only for android.

What is screen flickering android?

Now first of all we have to understand how does our smartphone display screen work. Basically, our smartphone display screen consists of some layer of glass but if I tell you how does display screen shows colors it’s very easy to understand.

how to fix screen flickering android

Our smartphone screen shows colorful images and videos by using three lights (subpixel) which are red, green, and blue. These colors help to make the display colorful.

Red consumes more energy than the other two-color. Peoples want to know about how to fix screen flickering android But don’t follow some important instructions which are necessary. Now there are many causes of screen flickering such as a

  • We can face screen flickering by all-time playing games.
  • Screen flickering is faced by installing unnecessary apps.
  • This issue may occur when you use your smartphone at full brightness.
  • Screen flickering may be occurred by software glitches or while flashing software.
  • If your smartphone drops off somewhere from your hand or anywhere then screen flickering will occur.

how to fix screen flickering android

Now we are going to talk about how to stop screen flickering and how to avoid it. To fix screen flickering you have to follow some steps which are.

Note: You can’t fix this issue properly on your smartphone but you can avoid it. I have some ideas to fix this issue a little bit.

  • OLED SAVER is the first way by using you can fix the screen flickering issue. You have to install this from the play store. By doing some settings your screen flickering issue will be solved. You just have to press on it after that in the new version the black screen show in front of you. you have to leave it just 30 minutes then slowly your screen flickering problem will be solved.
  • Disable Auto-Brightness You have to turn off the auto bright option to avoid this issue. Because auto-brightness is the reason behind screen flickering. Basically, our smartphones use a three-color combination (subpixel) RED, GREEN, and BLUE. Each color needs the energy to show us colorful media like photos, videos, etc. Red color consumes more energy than the other two colors.
  • Stop playing games Due to playing too many games this issue will occur so you have to avoid it if you don’t want this type of issue on your smartphone.
  • Set the night theme by using the night theme option you can avoid this problem and if you don’t want to do that you have to disable your “auto-brightness” option.
  • Disable hardware overlays by doing that you can fix screen flickering. This option you have to see on the developer option. But before this, you have to put your phone in the safe option. It helps us protect our phones from third-party applications. Hold the power button until you see the safe reboot option on the screen.
  • Checked the software update you have to check your phone is up to date if not. you have to update it to solve this problem. If you don’t how to update your phone, first of all, you have to click on satting>then go to system>click on software update.
how to fix screen flickering android
how to fix screen flickering android
how to fix screen flickering android

I hope you have known how to fix screen flickering android. You will get advantages from it.


u003cstrongu003ewhy is my phone screen flickering?u003c/strongu003e

screen flickering is an issue that occurs anytime but lots of causes due to screen flickering visible such asu003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eToo much playing gamesu003c/strongu003e cause overheating and screen flickering occurs.u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eDropoff smartphoneu003c/strongu003eu003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eSoftware bugsu003c/strongu003e or during flash your phone software.u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eAuto brightnessu003c/strongu003e causes screen flickering.u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eInstalling toou003c/strongu003e manyu003cstrongu003e applicationsu003c/strongu003e

u003cstrongu003ehow to stop screen flickering on android?u003c/strongu003e

To stop screen flickering you have to follow 2-3 methods by using these methods you can fix this issue a little bit.u003cbru003eu003cstrongu003eOLED saver u003c/strongu003eis an application you can fix your screen flickering issue by using this app.u003cbru003eUpdate your phone u003cbru003eDisable hardware overlaysu003cbru003eDisable Auto-Brightnessu003cbru003eStop playing games u003cbru003eSet night themeu003cbru003eChecked your phone by a professional.

u003cstrongu003eIs overheating a reason for smartphone flickering?u003c/strongu003e

Yes in some times due to overheating smartphone screen seems to flicker. If your smartphone becomes overheated due to some reason such as to much playing game smartphone overuse then you will see the screen flickering.

u003cstrongu003eHow to turn off the screen flickering on smartphone?u003c/strongu003e

One extraordinary method which I am going to tell you. Oled saver is an application that was developed to solve this type of issue (screen flickering).you have to install it and open it.u003cbru003eThen you don’t have to do anything. Automatically after 20-30 minutes, your screen flickering will be shot out.

Conclusion: I hope you can understand how to fix screen flickering android.If you have any questions about this topic you can tell me in the comment box. I will definitely reply to you.

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