How To Clear Internal Storage On Android Phone

how to clear internal storage on android phone

If you are an android phone user and you want to know how to clear internal storage on android phone, then you come to the right place. Here I will try to solve your problem.

Most android users want to clear their android phone storage because it’s going to be trouble for their android phone. If your phone storage is full, then your phone might become work slowly and not perform simple basic tasks as well.

how to clear internal storage on android phone

Now let’s come to our solution what is an easy solution for that problem? So now below I am going to tell you how to clear internal storage on android phone.

  • Go to internal storage on your smartphone and delete unnecessary files
  • Uninstall unneeded applications
  • Use optimiser app and delete junk files

what should i delete when my phone storage is full

For that, you have to analyze what things make your storage full, but you have to delete unusable apps and also you have to clear some junk and duplicate files from your phone.

For that purpose, you can also use optimiser app to clear your internal storage.Optimiser app helps you to make your storage clear. It comes pre-install on your android phone.

why is my phone storage full after deleting everything

Sometimes we see phone storage full but nothing on phone, after deleting everything as well. Then you have to analyze which is the reason behind this. I have a solution for you.

how to clear internal storage on android phone

Basic Reason:

Maybe you use an sd card on your android smartphone which is why you will get to see sd card storage is full. For a solution, you have to confirm whether it’s your internal storage or Sd storage.
After confirmation, you have to clear your sd card and the same for internal storage as well.

For Solutions :

If your sd card storage is full then you will face this issue, if you use sd card you have to delete unnecessary files from your sd card to manage sd storage.

And if you don’t use an sd card then this problem may be your internal storage as well. To manage internal storage you have to clear it.

First, you have to delete some of the files that cause your storage to be full. After that, your next step would be you have to go to optimiser app which is a pre-install application by default on your phone.

By using this application you would an idea of what kind of larger files take more storage on your phone or whether it happened due to installing lots of apps.

After that, you have to delete larger files from the internal storage on your phone. but if this happened due to installing lots of apps, then you have to uninstall such apps that you don’t use usually.

And on optimiser a clean-up feature will help you to clear junk files or many more things from your phone.

I hope you will know how to clear internal storage on an android phone and I have tried to tell you all the basic reasons as well as solutions.

Can I delete internal Storage Android data?

You can delete this folder from your phone, but it also has some disadvantages that you need to understand. Basically, an android folder is the main system folder of your smartphone where your all apps cache and App data are stored.

If you delete it then might be your application not work after that. So If you want my opinion then don’t delete it. But you can do one thing to clear app cache junk files and many more.

Optimiser app is by default pre-install application on android phones. By using of optimiser you can clean up your internal storage and android folder.


I hope you will understand how to clear internal storage on android phone. I have also covered different queries regarding this topic. If you like this then you can share it with your friends and family.

If you ask something about this then you can comment to me in the comment section.I will definitely reply to you.


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