How To Check Remaining Mbs In Telenor

how to check remaining mbs in telenor

If you are a Telenor user and you don’t know how to check remaning mbs in telenor?. Then you came to the right place. I will try to explain you in a very easy way, so you can understand. Telenor is a big cellular network company that provides their user best calls or internet facilities or SMS or many more benefits.

I will try to expand this topic deeply so that you can understand it very well. I hope you will get an advantage from it and this article may help you to solve your problem.

how to check remaining mbs in telenor

well now let’s talk about how to check remaining mbs internet in Telenor. So here I will try to tell you a code method that will help you to check MBS on Telenor. Along with that, I will also cover the 4 g device internet so I will be going to explain this deeply.

how to check remaining mbs in telenor

How to check telenor internet code

Now let’s talk about how to check Telenor mbs code method so below I am going to tell you some steps that you have to follow carefully. if you want check the internet. the steps are.

1:First of all, open your dialer pad on your phone.

2:After that, you have to dial this code (*999#).

3:After dialing this code you will get to see your MBS Telenor.

how to check remaining MBS in Telenor 4g device?

Well, now I am going to tell you how to check internet MBS upon a 4g device. So, you have to follow all my instructions carefully if you want to know the 4g device’s remaining MBS.So the steps have been given in below, you have to follow them carefully.

  • First of all, what do you have to do, You need to connect your Telenor 4g device with pc or laptop
  • After doing that, you have to open the Telenor admin page, if you don’t know how to open the Telenor admin page. you have to put this IP address ( A Telenor admin within a second will have opened.
  • After login admin page you will get to see 4 to 6 options in front of you. for check Telenor remaining data you have to click on Internet volume check.
  • After that, you will get to see an SMS from Telenor in your SMS Section.
  • Click on SMS from the top, and check your remaining MBS.


I hope you will have understood check remaining mbs check code way. Along with that I also have told you, how can we check the status internet data of Telenor 4g device. I hope you will be able to get benefits from it.

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