How To Charge Your Phone Quickly: 6 Tips For Samsung

how to charge your phone quickly: 6 Tips for samsung

If you are an android smartphone user and you want to know some effective tips to charge your smartphone. These tips will be helpful for your android phone battery life. Some people faced a problem when they use the new phone lots of questions come to their mind. And one of those questions is which are the best charging tips.

Best tips for charging samsung Mobile

If you have a Samsung mobile it does not mean it is not android some people think that. But one thing that you have to know is actually an android version already installed on your Samsung phone. So now let’s talk about samsung battery charging tips.

Samsung Battery Charging Tips

Tips 1:

The first tip is, whenever you go for charging, you need to do it whether you are using the Samsung phone’s original charger or not. If you will use a local charger then it affects your phone’s battery health.

Tips 2:

This is not the correct method when you use your phone while charging. This may also affect the jack of your smartphone as well as your charging cable. So you should avoid it.

Tips 3:

Don’t let your phone battery drop below 20 percent Because this thing impacts your battery life. And as soon as the 80 or 96 battery has charged then remove the phone from charging.

Tips 4:

If you charge your smartphone in a place where the temp is very high then it will become difficult for your phone’s battery life. So you have to avoid doing that.

Tips 5:

Some peoples think that if they turn off their phone and put it on charging then its becomes charge fast. This is a little bit of truth.

But you can also do one more thing: If you use the airplane feature all the phone services will be closed and after that, your phone will start charging faster.

Tips 6:

Close all minimize application that is running in the back. By doing that your smartphone will charge faster.

is it bad to unplug your phone while charging

The answer is no it’s not a big thing you can unplug your phone while charging. It totally depends on you.

what happens if you leave your phone on all night for charging

Well, nothing too much happens when you leave your phone for charging because a smartphone automatically disconnects when the battery limit of smart complete 100 percent.

is slow charge better for battery

If you are going to charge your smartphone with the help of slowly charging then it’s not an issue. Slowly charging is not a big trouble for your phone battery it is safer than fast charging.

how much power does it take to charge a phone?

Well, a normal smartphone takes 5V to 6V for charging and some of the smartphones have 2 chargers for fast charging.

why does my battery percentage go up and down

It happens because may be a fault in your charger or cable especially if you are using the local charger to solve this you have to use the original charger. And after that, if still, you are facing this problem then you should have your phone checked by a professional.

is wireless charging better for battery health?

It is a reliable and efficient way to charge your phone without any charging cable. You can use this but it will not charge your phone faster.

can you leave a battery charger connected

You can do it but it’s not the right way to do it, this will not affect your smartphone battery, But your smartphone charger can get in trouble if it is constantly connected to electricity.

how to charge a new cell phone battery for the first time

Many peoples when they get a new smartphone, they completely drain the battery of the first smartphone. After that plug it into the charge.


I hope you must have understood. I also covered different queries about this topic. If you have any questions regarding to this topic then you can comment below I will definitely reply to your question.


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