How To Charge My Phone Without A Charger (Best Tips)

how to charge my phone without a charger (Best Tips)

Some peoples want to know how to charge my phone without a charger, well it’s possible if you want to charge your phone like that. So we will talk about that topic below and try to expand it and make it easy for you.

And also I will make sure these tips will have helped you which I will be going to tell you below. I try to give my best.

how to charge my phone without a charger

If you have Samsung iPhone whatever you are using right now, I am trying to give the best tips for all smartphones. So my tips will not only be for android and some other smartphones. All types of smartphone users can get to benefit from these tips.

So first let’s talk about what are possible ways to charge any type of phone without a charger.

how to charge my phone without a charger
  • If you have an iPhone then you can charge your smartphone without a charger. If you are a student of physics then you will have known about the electromagnetic fields that help you conceptually charge your phone wirelessly.
  • Another way is if you have no wireless charging option on your phone, you can charge your phone with a charging cable. if you have a power bank and any other USB extension on your home electric board then you can charge your phone with the power bank and with the help of a USB port.

where can i charge my phone

You can charge your smartphone through your charger and power bank, or a USB port on an electric board and if you are using iPhone then you can also charge your phone wirelessly by an electromagnetic field.

how to wireless charge phone to phone

You can wirelessly charge your phone with another phone only when your phone supports wireless charging. For example, we talk about Samsung’s latest series like the 20 ultras.

Then this can happen because it has the option to charge a phone to phone wirelessly that option is power share. To charge the phone you have to turn on the power share feature from your setting>battery option> Device care >power share.

After turning on this, you can charge any wireless charging-supported device. you have to put your wireless device (that to want to charge) on the back side of the enabled power share phone.


I hope you will have understood how to charge my phone without a charger. If you liked this information then you can share it with your friends and family.

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