Flood sensor ready

Flood sensor ready

In this advanced age, experts are developing amazing things. In this regard, German experts have created an effective and low-cost water sensor to monitor the flow of water in rivers, which works with the help of solar energy. It is suitable for areas that are prone to frequent flooding. Conventional instruments used to measure river flow often break down in high-speed flows, making it impossible to take consistent measurements. Although there are advanced systems, they are very expensive. There is no problem with this device.

According to experts, it has been working in the lower part of the Rhine for two years. It continuously releases water measurements that can be viewed on an app. Due to its low cost, its sensors can be installed at many locations for better monitoring of water flow. It is equipped with a GNSS sensor and antenna that notes the position and flow of water with an accuracy of up to a meter. It also uses American GPS and Russian GLONASS satellites for this.

GNNS antennas can be mounted on any infrastructure, be it a building, a bridge or even a tree on a river bank. This system does not break down even in heavy rains and floods and continues to give readings without touching the water which is not even possible for any radar sensor. Interestingly, its price is equivalent to 150 Euros (Pakistani Rupees 35 thousand). It houses a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, about the size of a smartphone. This sensor can provide timely flood information.

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